Levels Game Loft is an arcade for this generation, we have a variety of Gaming Services available under one roof. To learn more about what we have to offer,  you can read more below.

At Levels Game Loft all of our services are available to you at half hour or hourly rate. Can’t stay for the full time? You can come back and use the remainder of your time whenever you like. You never lose your time or money!

To see what games we have available click here.


1 Hour | $6.50

1/2 Hour |$4.00


Choose from a Xbox One S, Playstation 4 Pro, Nintendo Wii, or Wii U. Each system has a variety of games for you to choose from.

Our Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Pro stations all come paired with a 40″ 4K UHD Samsung TV, and HyperX Stinger headsets so you can make the most of your game time.

Each Xbox and Playstation also has a Xbox Live or Playstation Network account, but you can sign into your  own.

Want to share your station with a friend, and enjoy some split screen games? We only charge a partial rate for second person.


1 Hour | $18.50

1/2 Hour | $11.00

These rooms are great for a group of friends, a date night, or someone looking to treat themselves. For only $18.50, plus tax you get your own Private Room loaded with customizable lighting, surround sound, a 65″ 4K UHD TV, and your choice of a Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One S.

Also included is a customer favorite, fresh hot popcorn!  You can also bring in your own food from home, or your favorite local eatery, we just ask all food brought in contains no nuts.


‘High End’ PCs

1 Hour | $7.50   1/2 Hour |$4.25

‘Low End’ PCs

1 Hour | $6.50   1/2 Hour |$4.00


Levels Game Loft is home to a total of 17 Gaming Computers. We have a ‘High End’ or ‘Low End’ option for you to choose from.

High End | Ryzen 1600X 16GB DDR4 with GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Cards, being viewed on 24″ Widescreen 2K monitors.

Low End | Intel i5 7th Generation 8GB DDR4 with GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Graphic Cards, being viewed on 25″ 1080 Monitors.

Both our High End and our Low End options with MasterKeys Lite L Combo for Keyboard and Mouse, and HyperX Stinger headsets.

You are welcome to bring your own headsets, or controller.

Each computer is loaded with a variety of game options, but you may also access your own Steam,, Origin, Epic Games, and more. This gives you access to your games, your friend lists, and your Saved Data.


1 Hour | $32.50
1/2 Hour | $20.00


We have two HTC Vive Virtual Reality rooms powered by our High End PCs.

Each room is open to a group of  4 individuals, with one headset so you and your group can take turns. While waiting for your turn you can watch and hear what is being played on a 40″ 4K UHD TV.

Each Virtual Reality room also comes with complimentary fresh hot popcorn.

With more than 30 games to choose from, where will you go next?



1 Player      1 Hour | $10.00   1/2 Hour |$6.50

2 Players    1 Hour | $15.00   1/2 Hour |$10.00


Our Forza Motorsport Station is loaded with Forza Motorsport Playseats and Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel and Pedal combo, being played on a Xbox One X and being viewed on a 65″ 4K UHD TV for the best display possible.

Play the highly realistic Forza Motorsport 7 split screen with a friend and see who can cross the finish line first, or test your own skills with Forza Motorsport 7 on Single Player, or try our other single player options, which include: Dirt 4, Need for Speed Payback and Assetto Corsa.




Drop in $5 per person

1 Hour | $25.00


Our Multi Purpose Room is available to you to rent to use as you wish, play card and board games, host a meeting, teach a class.

Our Multi Purpose room is home to our weekly Dungeons and Dragons session with our in house Dungeon Master Quinton and Bi-Weekly LGTBQ2+ Youth Support Group.


Levels Game Loft also offers Birthday Parties and Private Events, to find our more click here.

All prices are subject to HST.